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5th Element Shatter: ​This Indica side hybrid is characterized by sticky, heavily resinous flowers and a tangy, earthy profile. Its parents are Blackberry and Allspark OG, and the phenotypes were selected for resin content and potency. Look for a traditionally sedative body effect, relaxing muscles and easing inflammation, but a much more active and wakeful mental state, unlike some of the heavier deep hybrids. The same terpenes that produce that pungent, sour profile also allow for the retention of a productive mind during the effects.

1g Pre Packaged Shatter

About Diamond™ Shatter

In 2011 when both the concentrates and the dispensary scenes were just getting established in Canada, a few passionate enthusiasts went looking for a means to disrupt the industry and bring a higher standard to some of the most discerning consumers in the world. They traveled to California, tried the best, and struck a deal to bring back the most cutting edge technology in the field. When they came back and combined this with BC Cannabis, the results were striking and the brand was quickly known among concentrate enthusiasts as reliably excellent. Today we continue this legacy: using only the best local strains, and putting the best methods and technology to work extracting all that greatness for your enjoyment.


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