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Live resin is a concentrate made from flower that hasn’t been cured or dried like the majority of cannabis products. The use of flash-freezing in its production process helps preserve and retain the full flavors of its originating flower. As a result, concentrate enthusiasts tend to gravitate toward live resin for its more flavorful and aromatic dabbing experience. 

Live resin provides the option to intake large amounts of THC and other cannabinoids in one single inhale. This way, negative health effects due to smoking can be decreased. This can be very beneficial for patients who use cannabis for chronic pain or nausea – who rely on a fast relief and don’t want to smoke constantly. The potent effect of live resin could also have implications for people using cannabis to help alleviate other medical conditions, such as chemotherapy side effects, epilepsy, migraines, and pretty much anything else people have decided to use cannabis for.
The scientific research is pointing towards the direction that terpenes are not only responsible for aromas and flavours. However, they work together with cannabinoids in order to provide the desired medicinal effects. Also, this could make live resin an important concentrate of the future in the medicine sector.

Love Potion #1 1g, Blueberry Cheese 1g, Red Congolese 1g, Lemon Cookies 1g

1 review for Live Resin

  1. Anonymous

    Damn this stuff has some serious terps with a clean melt ! This Red Congolese is a really nice treat and is really potent one dab had me baked for almost three hours.

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