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​Magnum Shatter was named for the highly productive nature of the plants themselves, which are known to branch rapidly and establish a higher than normal amount of flowering nodes, and therefore more nugs to enjoy. It very well could have been named for the rapid-acting high potency cannabinoid profile though, as this is just as reliable when producing this strain. Breeders have revealed very little about the lineage of this beauty, but we know it’s a hybrid, a bit on the Sativa side.

Flavors are mostly savory; one can detect a variety of spices and herbal flavors among the complex palate of this one. Consumers like it for regular day-to-day use whether you’re looking for anxiety relief, pain management or just a bit of a lift. You’ll notice an early highly euphoric stage followed by a longer, mildly sedative, easy going vibe.

1g Pre Packaged Shatter

About Diamond™ Shatter

In 2011 when both the concentrates and the dispensary scenes were just getting established in Canada, a few passionate enthusiasts went looking for a means to disrupt the industry and bring a higher standard to some of the most discerning consumers in the world. They traveled to California, tried the best, and struck a deal to bring back the most cutting edge technology in the field. When they came back and combined this with BC Cannabis, the results were striking and the brand was quickly known among concentrate enthusiasts as reliably excellent. Today we continue this legacy: using only the best local strains, and putting the best methods and technology to work extracting all that greatness for your enjoyment.


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