Purple Gorilla Rosin By Shipwreck Extract


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We’re very excited to announce a brand new product by Shipwreck Extracts, the same makers of the highly popular Shipwreck Edibles.

Rosin is the fastest growing concentrate type on the market as it carries no solvents along in the extraction process. Instead of using a solvent like butane, rosin is made by applying high heat and immense pressure. This method squeezes the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes from the sourced cannabis flower. This efficient isolation of cannabinoids and terpenes from chlorophyll and plant lipids offers a flavourful profile, one that is almost impossible to replicate by smoking or vaping raw buds.

Rosin’s potency has the potential of going above 90% while flower tops out at 30% at most. This is no surprise to any casual concentrate fan, though. What may be surprising, however, is rosin’s comparisons to other notable products on the market. Rosin ranks in the same potency levels as all other major offerings.

Purple Gorilla is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s great for stress, depression, anxiety and aches and pains. Great after a longs day work to relax and still being able to do chores.


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