Blueberry Cheese

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Grade : AA

9 reviews for Blueberry Cheese

  1. Julio Gajari

    I was sent this as a free sample and for the price it does get the job done! Good smoke for a beginner id say.

  2. jeremiahclement60

    Once product , buds are a bit loose but nice buzz and taste, great for beginners

  3. Anonymous

    I grabbed an ounce of this , for the the price it’s alright . It’s a good purchase if you are looking to save some money , the bag appeal on this is 6.5/10. It’s a great smoke if you need a light high. It left me talkative , so it was a good social smoke .

  4. Blake (verified owner)

    I got an ounce of the Blueberry Cheese. This is arguably my favorite strain of all time and this one is very good in my opinion. I also got a sample of it but truthfully the sample doesn’t do it enough justice but allowing the ounce to sit around for a few days lets the aromas and potency come out more. Unfortunately I don’t smell the cheesy aroma but thats 100% not a problem because the high is just like every other Blue Cheese I have ever had. I smoke it from a bong. As soon as I take a hit which it doesnt depend on the size its always smooth and creamy tasting, the high at first feels more Sativa-ish and I feel like that for 20 minutes. Around the 20 minute mark I always get the indica punch especially if I take 2 hits in a row. Smoking one bowl will make you think its weak but if you continue smoking you will start to feel very lazy towards the evening time. Bottom line this Blue Cheese imo is a great strain whether you’re a beginner or an experienced smoker. It’s great to relax with while hanging out with friends or great to enjoy the outdoors more without making you too stoned to take a second step.

  5. Anonymous

    Got this as a sample and I wouldn’t rate it more than a AA grade. Smells very fresh and defiantly outdoor. If I paid the price it’s listed for I would be tremendously disappointed

  6. jeremiahclement60

    I got this again as a sample , but this time is was really good , it was putting me on my ass in the afternoon

  7. Mage

    Don’t smoke alot of bud..my old man liked this said 3/5 I guess.

  8. Daniel (verified owner)

    Got this as a free sample, and it was a big surprise! I’ve tried cheese before and not liked it, but this blueberry cheese was phenomenal. It really does taste like creamy blueberries.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really decent smoke, nice effects and a fantastic price. I’ll buy again if it’s still available.

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